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Bouncing Tailed Ball


Bouncing Tailed Ball is a simple and interesting game in which you play as a ball who needs to avoid spikes to stay alive.Just tap and the ball will bounce.Bouncing Tailed Ball is a nice amazing addictive Arcade game in which you tap the screen to keep ball bouncy to go far and get high score. The interesting fact of Bouncing Tailed Ball is that it’s not easy to keep ball bouncy and go far and get high score because you will avoid obstacles. The more distance you cover the more points you will get. Compete with your friends through share your score with your friends on Google Play Game Service.★ Play a super fun game Bouncing Tailed Ball!★ Beautiful graphics and smooth!★ Ball has a Neon trail!★ Fly to pieces after touching the spikes!★ Lightning fast controls!★ Challenges and compete with friends!★ Share your succes with friends on social media!★ Insanely simple and addictive★ Endless game play that never gets old
- Simple and Interesting - Endless Game which never be old- Keep highest score at top - Share your score with your friends
Join the most exciting race!The game with HD graphics!